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Hilltops Council

The merger of Boorowa, Harden Shire and Young Shire councils

On 12 May 2016 the Minister for Local Government, Paul Toole, announced the newly formed “Hilltops” Council.

Stronger more efficient councils will work harder for residents and deliver better services and infrastructure like roads, parks, playgrounds and sporting facilities.

  • Each new council will receive up to $15 million to invest in community projects like junior sporting facilities, playgrounds and library or pool upgrades.
  • Each new council will receive up to $10 million to streamline administrative processes and cut red tape. (Unspent funds may be redirected to community projects)
  • Ratepayers, in new council areas, will have their rates protected against future increases, meaning they will pay no more for their rates than they would have under their old council for 4 years.

Elections for new councils will take place on 9 September 2017. Details of the new council are contained in the proclamation.

Key information about the new council:

Population: 18,994

Area (sq Km): 7,139

Number of councillors: 11


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Merger Benefits

Managing the implementation

An Administrator and Interim General Manager have been appointed to oversee the implementation of the new council through to the election.

Name: Wendy Tuckerman 

Interim General Manager
Name: Anthony McMahon

For more information please call 1300 813 020 (This service is available 24/7)

Stronger Communities Fund 

With the funding provided by the NSW Government, the Council has funded community projects and major projects. Details of these projects appear below. If there are no major projects listed, this means that the Council has yet to finalise the projects that will be funded.

Projects for Hilltops Council

Major Projects
Project Purpose Amount
Boorowa Caravan Park Cabin and Camp Kitchen $200,000
Harden Caravan Park Camp Kitchen $100,000
Urban Growth Boorowa $1,000,000
Road Network Improvement Program Boorowa $700,000
Chinese Cemetery Murrumburrah $50,000
Hilltops Regional Library - Young $2,000,000
Lambing Flat Chinese Tribute Garden - Young $300,000
Solar Power $328,995
Burrangong Creek - Young $1,500,000
Murrimboola Creek - Murrumburrah $1,000,000
Pool renewals - Harden $300,000
Swimming Pool - Young $1,700,000
Trinity Centre Refurbishment - Harden $100,000
Mechanics Institute $250,000
Tennis Courts - Boorowa $300,000
Hilltops Regional Tennis Complex Upgrade $1,000,000
Play Ground - Boorowa $250,000
Playgrounds - Harden $350,000
Sports Fields - Harden $1,000,000
Sports Fields - Boorowa $500,000
Blackguard Gully - Young $500,000
Museum extension - Harden $100,000
Cranfield Over Improvements $600,000
Community Projects
Project Purpose Amount
Boorowa Amateur Swimming Club Inc. Pool equipment upgrade $22,000
Boorowa and District Historical Society Inc. Museum toilet & heating $1,900
Boorowa Cricket Club Boorowa Cricket Club - cricket pitch upgrade $18,524
Boorowa Gun Club Inc. Build disabled toilets & parking facilities $25,000
Boorowa Gun Club Inc. Build shelter shed over existing clubhouse $25,000
Boorowa Junior Rugby League Club Inc. 2017 and beyond - season set up $4,745
Boorowa Men's Den Inc. Detailed Men’s Shed fit out and storage $15,814
Boorowa Show Society Showground Pavilion kitchen $18,735
Boorowa Tennis Club Inc. Hilltops Regional Tennis Complex - Boorowa $50,000
Bribbaree Show Society Inc. Construction of a new multipurpose building at Bribbaree Showgrounds $50,000
Harden Murrumburrah Arts Council Maintenance of iconic Murrumburrah/Harden Court House $47,748
Harden Murrumburrah Men's Shed Replacement of band saw $1,067
Harden Regional Development Corporation Bill the Bastard 5 Up $50,000
Harden Tennis Club Inc. Resurfacing of tennis courts $25,000
Jugiong Development Group Enhancement of Jugiong Recreation Ground $22,000
Jugiong Polocrosse Club Horse yards and field renovation $5,515
Koorawatha Progress Association Koorawatha Public Toilets - War Memorial Park $50,000
Milvale Progress Association Inc. Repair and upgrade Milvale Community Hall $35,124
Murringo Community Association Parking at the Park $23,100
Roberts Park Trust (Harden) Roberts Park Community Sports Precinct revitalisation. $49,500
Rye Park Soldiers Memorial Hall Inc. 4 projects (maintenance of community assets) $20,000
The Rotary Club of Boorowa A new storage shed for the Rotary Club of Boorowa $6,019
Wombat Equestrian Group Inc. Club House - which will include a storage area for club equipment and toilet facilities $32,850
Young Amateur Swimming Club Inc. Lane ropes $8,000
Young District Arts Council Food preparation area $50,000
Young Dressage Association Inc. Erect a community use shed on the Bendick Murrell Crown Reserve Grounds at Bendick Murrell $38,170
Young Junior Rugby League Moving of grandstand & renovation of Clubhouse $15,400
Young Junior Rugby Union Awning for Clubhouse $16,500
Young Lions Soccer Club Gus Smith Oval proposed new extensions and refurbishment to amenities building $36,240
Young Neighbourhood Centre Inc. Young Hub Community Inclusion Project (YHCIP) $50,000
Young Pony Club Inc. Storage shed $50,000
Young Regional School of Music Disability and WHS compliance refurbishment of YRSM $34,069
Young Rugby League Alfred Oval drainage system $44,478
Young Rugby Union Football Club Inc. Cranfield Oval redevelopment - irrigation & drainage $50,000
Young Touch Association Alfred Oval speaker system $4,347
Frogmore Hall & Recreation Reserve Trust Kitchen appliance upgrade $10,847
Galong Progress Association Improvement and maintenance of the Oval Clubhouse $16,135
Monteagle Hall Committee Replacing the existing dysfunctional toilets $50,000
Wombat Progress Association Picnic seating and disabled access to Sports Club House/toilet area $14,498
Wombat Progress Association Entrance improvement project $18,320
Young Bowling Club Limited Design plans for the Hilltops Bowling & Tennis Precinct at Young $34,360