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Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council

The merger of Cootamundra Shire and Gundagai Shire councils

On 12 May 2016 the Minister for Local Government, Paul Toole, announced the newly formed “Gundagai Council”.

Stronger more efficient councils will work harder for residents and deliver better services and infrastructure like roads, parks, playgrounds and sporting facilities.

  • Each new council will receive up to $15 million to invest in community projects like junior sporting facilities, playgrounds and library or pool upgrades.
  • Each new council will receive up to $10 million to streamline administrative processes and cut red tape. (Unspent funds may be redirected to community projects)
  • Ratepayers, in new council areas, will have their rates protected against future increases, meaning they will pay no more for their rates than they would have under their old council for 4 years.

Elections for new councils will take place on 9 September 2017. Details of the new council are contained in the proclamation.

Key information about the new council:

Population: 11,504

Area (sq Km): 3,981

Number of councillors: 9


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Merger Benefits

Managing the implementation

An Administrator and Interim General Manager have been appointed to oversee the implementation of the new council through to the election.   

Name: Stephen Sykes

Interim General Manager
Name: Allen Dwyer

For more information please call 1300 813 020 (This service is available 24/7)

Stronger Communities Fund 

With the funding provided by the NSW Government, the Council has funded community projects and major projects. Details of these projects appear below. If there are no major projects listed, this means that the Council has yet to finalise the projects that will be funded.

Projects for Cootamundra-Gundagai Council

Major Projects
Project Purpose Amount
Cootamundra Water Main Replacement Program Project scope be extended to include provision of some water re-fill stations in the CBD area of Cootamundra. $2,000,000
Stormwater Mitigation Upgrade Upgrade $1,000,000
Gundagai Large Scale Adventure Playground and fitness centre - tourism development to link to old gundagai over time $700,000
Investment into Department of Education Multi-purpose Facilities $700,000
Water Supply to Nangus Village $647,500
Water Supply to the Dog on the Tuckerbox The DOTB Water supply is seen as essential to any development at the site, and an important first step $600,000
Footpath Renewal Program Renewals $500,000
Cootamundra Pool Water Park Upgrade public pool $400,000
Gundagai Pool Tiling and Disabled Ramp Upgrade and access to pool $300,000
Gundagai VIC Revelopment Ramp and Disabled Toilet $300,000
Cootamundra – Fisher Park Lighting Program $250,000
Gundagai Netball Courts Upgrade facility $200,000
Cootamundra – Steven Ward Rooms/Library Outdoor Area Upgrade outdoor space $200,000
Cootamundra Rugby Union Club Change Rooms & Toilet Facility $200,000
Adjungbilly Road Hill Upgrade for B’Doubles seed funding $200,000
Rathmells Lane Bitumen Seal from Temora Street to the end $200,000
Gundagai Main Street Public Toilet Installation new facility $150,000
Cootamundra Pool Installation Shade Cloth $100,000
Community Projects
Project Purpose Amount
Elouera Association Inc. The Revolve Store - Cootamundra $50,000
Cootamundra Creative Arts Inc - The Arts Centre (TAC) Summer Heat - Cool Event $33,830
Cootamundra Strikers Soccer Club Inc. O'Connor Park awning & spectator/player shelter $27,348
Lions Club of Gundagai Inc. Weather shelter, Yarri Park $14,630
Uralba Hostel CCTV installation $8,000
Gundagai Pre-School Kindergarten Soft Landing with soft fall $15,000
Cootamundra Pony Club Inc. Undercover shade shelter $35,114
Cootamundra Junior Rugby League Inc. Upgrade of food handling, preparation and distribution areas $32,000
Cootamundra Cycle Club Development of existing site for mountain bike and walking track $50,000
Cootamundra Scouts Scout Hall building maintenance $42,175
Anglican Parish of Gundagai Ramp access to St Johns $18,600
Nangus Recreation Reserve and Public Hall Equal access for everyone at Nangus $36,527
Gundagai Neighbourhood Centre - Gundagai Youth Council Gundagai Youth Recreation Space Reno $50,000
Cootamundra Swimming & Lifesaving Club Inc. Upgrade of facilities and equipment at Cootamundra Town Pool $50,000
Tumblong War Memorial Hall and Citizens Association Tumblong Hall kitchen upgrade $15,321
Cootamundra Netball Association Relocation of netball grass courts including the purchase of new removable posts $4,880
Gundagai Historic Bridges Committee Inc. New toilet block with disabled access $35,000
Gundagai Amateur Swimming Lifesaving Club Inc. Gundagai Pool, playground, fence and soft fall $20,000
Gundagai Historic Bridges Committee Inc. Public safety fencing $18,000
Cootamundra Turf Club Grandstanding upgrade/preservation project $50,000
Cootamundra Men's Shed Inc. Upgrading of equipment and concrete workshop floor $10,000
Rotary Club of Cootamundra Inc. Landscaping the Peace Pavilion Area - Albert Park $5,713
Cootamundra Rugby League Football Club Upgrade of grandstand seating and canteen servery areas $10,500
Cootamundra Preschool Refurbishment of student bathroom $12,000
Stockinbingal Cricket Club Upgrade to Clubhouse $28,000
Cootamundra All-Breeds Kennel Club Inc. Removable posts for Dog Show rings $2,400
Cootamundra Rodeo Association Inc. Prune large dangerous Gum trees $3,300
Cootamundra Junior Cricket Training and playing facility upgrade $9,661
Riding for the Disabled (NSW) Cootamundra Horse rugs $1,450
Riding for the Disabled (NSW) Cootamundra RDA Centre refurbishment $27,451
Cootamundra Lions Club Replacement of aging plant and equipment $50,000
1st Gundagai Scout Group Gundagai Scout Hall Community Kitchen $49,251
Gundagai Amateur Swimming Lifesaving Club Inc. Equipped for the Future $14,583
Gundagai Rodeo Club Inc. Campdraft arena complex $25,000
Gundagai Ladies Golf Club Revitalisation of "Bidgee Banks" Golf course $42,000
Gundagai Men's Golf Club Revitalisation of "Bidgee Banks" Golf course - Dakota 414 Turf Tender $30,350
Cootamundra Garden Club Constructing the missing link of the Muttama Creek shared pathway $45,045
Cootamundra Beach Volleyball Committee Cootamundra Beach Volleyball equipment and shed $6,000
Stockinbingal Bowling Club Co-Op Ltd Stockinbingal Bowling Club facility improvements $8,000
Coolac Recreation Reserve and Public Hall Trust Replacement of collapsed bore and pump $23,450
Gundagai Racecourse and Showground Trust Replacing underground water mains $17,511
The Wired Lab The Muttama Hall Rejuvenation Project $21,809
The Wired Lab The Muttama Hall Rejuvenation Project #2 kitchen supper room $21,550
Wallendbeen Combined Church Guild Revitalisation of the Wallendbeen Markets $5,200
Bongongo Public School Parents and Citizens Adjungbilly Community Hall upgrade $29,637
Cootamundra Development Corporation Completion of Cootamundra Town Clock $2,905